Hackney is an up-and-coming borough, with a reputation as a fun place to live and work, and was even ranked by Vogue magazine as one of the top 15 coolest neighbourhoods in the world because of its great street style. Within this group, Hackney is considered ‘normal’ for total crimes reported. 9) Croydon. However, Hackney does fare better than average, with lower crime rates for criminal damage, arson and shoplifting. A fourth teenager has been charged with the murder of a 15-year-old boy who was stabbed to death in east London. Every Saturday London Fields Brewery are running Brewery tours. Hackney does have a greater-than-average rate for robbery and a much higher than average theft rate than similar areas, making stolen goods the number one crime in the area. I love Bethnal Green. Police is Victoria recorded 1,580 crimes in the past year, the majority of which were theft and handling offences. The most dangerous area in Hackney over the last year was Hoxton East and Shoreditch. Theft and handling made up the highest number, with 2,388 recorded in the past year. Hackney is a desolate sprawl of grotty council blocks, with endless amounts of winding alleys for the ‘yout’s’ of the area to run down after mugging an innocent … If you need any more information about dangerous dogs you should contact the police by calling the non-emergency telephone number 101. 9, Hackney and City of London 922 cases, up 375 (68.6 per cent) with a rate of 317, Tower Hamlets 1323 cases, up 533 (67.5 per cent) with a .. new First Hackney resident receives Covid-19 vaccine Hackney has recently been described by the Movement for Liveable London as London’s most liveable borough. According to justiceinspectorates.gov.uk and the PEEL assessment (police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy), the Metropolitan Police force servicing the Hackney area requires improvements when it comes to keeping people safe and reducing crime, while they are classified as ‘good’ when it comes to their efficiency and legitimacy in keeping people safe and reducing crime. London map 'shows territories of dozens of gangs' The map shows a cluster of gangs in Camberwell, south east London, including Moscow17, which Incognito belonged to. While Hackney has a lower-than-average crime rate for criminal damage, arson and shoplifting, it  has an average rate for most crimes committed in the area. Police recorded 189 burglaries and 80 sexual offences. Hackney is in East London had has historically had a reputation as being a dangerous area with, for example, ‘Murder Mile’ being only a few minutes’ walk from the Burberry Outlet store which you will see later. Dangerous structures fall mainly into 2 categories: immediately dangerous: structures that are at risk of collapse and must be secured for public safety. Police recorded 4,496 offences, the highest number in the borough and almost twice as many as those of the next highest contender. The places shown in the graph are those that have been assessed and considered most similar to Hackney, according to police.uk. To keep up-to-date with all the latest breaking news, stories and events happening across East London, give the My East London Facebook page a like. The second most dangerous place to live in Hackney was Dalston, where there were 2,286 offences. Police recorded 427 cases of violence, and 182 burglaries in the area. Having said that, this borough is a major tourist and commuter area for London and so there will be many more people present in the borough than most. Haggerston also saw high numbers of robberies and burglaries, with 90 and 214 incidents of each, respectively. Ten mins bus drive to central London and ten mins walk to both Shoreditch and brick lane. Christian Wolmar, prospective Labour mayoral candidate and a transport expert in London, said: “The canal is becoming too crowded to have very many cyclists and it is a problem. With more than twice as many incidents as any other crime, the most frequently reported were of theft and handling, with 971 recorded. Hackney Wick is a neighbourhood in east London, England.The area forms the south-eastern part of the district of Hackney, and also of the wider London Borough of Hackney.Adjacent areas of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets are sometimes also described as being part of Hackney Wick. ), ☎ +44 20 7254 7174, . ●    Lock your doors and windows whenever you leave the house (even when just out in the garden), ●    Hide your keys, out of sight and away from your letterbox, ●    Move valuables out of view through windows, ●    Store highly valuable items in a properly secured bank vault or safe, ●    Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home, ●    Join or form a Neighbourhood Watch schemes, ●    Leave radios and lights on a timer to make your home appear occupied, ●    Ensure fences and gates around your property are secure, ●    Improve the natural surveillance around your home (e.g., trim high hedges), Over 20 years of taking care of your home. Police recorded 1,952 offences in London fields over a year London Fields is the fifth most dangerous place to live in Hackney, with 1,952 offences reported in the last year. immediately dangerous: structures that are at risk of collapse and must be secured for public safety. London Fields is the fifth most dangerous place to live in Hackney, with 1,952 offences reported in the last year. Is Bethnal Green safe? In 10th place was Lea Bridge, where there were 1,494 crimes recorded by police between January 2018 and January 2019. According to a University of Westminster research, Hackney was the second most dangerous place to be a pedestrian in London. The road junction is considered dangerous and commuting cyclists flock onto the canal tow-path at peak hours with knock-on effects for pedestrians on the path. Our homicide rate in London is 1.5 per 100,000, New York is 3.6 and Toronto is 3.5 Our. The worst affected area, Westminster, has almost double the rate of crime. Police recorded staggering numbers of theft and handling cases; 1,068 throughout the year. With great bars, clubs and restaurants to offer, it’s considered one of London’s best places to live, but is it a safe place to live? In fact, Hackney is the seventh most dangerous place to live in London, according to crime statistics from the Met Police ranging from January 2018 to January 2019. 1 safety concern will most likely be related to stolen goods and muggings. We also publish your pictures and videos, so do message us with your stories. But just as each area of the borough is different, the crime stats vary, too. Is the crime situation in Hackney getting better or worse? OK, I live in Bethnal Green. Violent offences amounted to 529 incidents in the area, and 214 burglaries were reported. 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So I believe I can give you a factual answer. ... Hackney Gazette. London recorded 9,458 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of positive cases since March to 258,656. Violent offences amounted to 657 incidents, and there were 162 burglaries. Burglary accounts for 10% of crime in the area, while criminal damage makes up 8%. The owner will normally be recharged for emergency works carried out in these cases; dangerous but not imminently so: structures, which further to a survey are unstable but not immediately dangerous. Most commonly reported was theft and handling, with 484 incidents, followed by 480 incidents of violence. With more than twice as many incidents as any other crime, the most frequently reported were of theft and handling, with 971 recorded. Hackney Council is seeking an injunction to temporarily ban the consumption of alcohol at London Fields.. - Please bookmark this page (add it to your favorites). There were high numbers of burglaries, with 219 reported, and 45 sexual offences in the area. There were also 493 cases of violence, and 240 burglaries. I am not from London and I moved there only month ago. Home to the hipsters of Shoreditch, the yummy mummies of Clapton and Stoke Newington, and and lean, green, bike-riders of Victoria Park, Hackney has become a popular East London choice for people from all walks of life. Hackney is an Inner London borough which consists of East London and North London. Darren Brissett, 33, of Shafton Road, South Hackney, was caught with Mark Griffiths, 35, of Banister House, Homerton High Street, driving the borough’s streets with a loaded handgun. London, on the whole, is very safe, but with a higher-than-average rate for robbery and theft from the person, residents’ No. Like the My East London Facebook page here. Hackney Wick had high numbers of violent offences, with 710 of the 1,694 offences recorded for violence against a person. In third place was Homerton, where 2,279 offences were recorded by police in the past year. Theft and handling is, by far, the most reported crime in Hackney, with a total of 9,680 incidents reported from 2015 to 2016. London is dangerous only at night, with some exceptions (Brixton, Tottenham, Edmonton, Hackney, Peckham). Based on Met Police numbers over the past year, these were the 10 most dangerous places to live in Hackney. The next most-highly recorded offence was that of theft and handling, with 488 incidents recorded. With a total of 34,364 crimes (giving it a crime rate per 1,000 of 122.3) taking place in the area, Hackney is also London’s sixth most dangerous borough. With a total of 4,198 crimes already reported this year, Hackney ranks 10th out of 33, just behind Brent and Tower Hamlets. Absolutely. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. The high rate of crime in this London area has witnessed a gradual decline, however. On December the 27 th of 1981, four young boys decided to walk across the marsh in Hackney, North East Greater London. Compared with other areas in London, Hackney has an above-average crime rate, though it’s certainly not one of the worst affected areas. Crimes recorded by police included violence, theft, drug-related offences and robberies, as well as sexual and criminal damage offences. London's most dangerous area: Westminster This borough has the highest crime rate not only in London but in the entire nation with 1,580 crimes reported per km 2 in a year. THE chilling patchwork of warring gangs terrorising London's streets is revealed in detailed maps as at least 100 murders shock the capital. It has some slightly dodgy areas but this is true for a lot of areas of London… Sure, it's different in Brixton than Richmond, but I would avoid even going on Kensington High Street, etc. Below, we take a close look at the total number of crimes reported from January 2012 to December 2015 in the area. Sixteen of the 20 most dangerous places in England and Wales for serious knife crime offences are in London, a BBC investigation has found. Police also recorded 112 robberies and 44 sexual offences in the area. In that time period, 33,886 offences were recorded in the borough. This graph looks at total crimes already committed this year, in January and February of 2016. Hackney is home to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Hoxton and Petticoat Lane markets as well as the famous Hackney Empire theatre. Police caught 113 cases of criminal damage, and 63 drugs offences were recorded. Today’s walk starts on Mare Street, in Hackney. It might be an up and coming family area, but it's not immune to London crime. There were high numbers of violent offences, with 601 recorded, and 91 drugs offences. In seventh place was Haggerston, with 1,864 offences recorded by police throughout the year. In Hackney Central there were 2,142 crimes recorded by police, with 901 cases of theft and handling. For a non-emergency situation or to report crime, contact the Hackney Police by calling 101 or texting 18001 101, Or visit the Shoreditch Police Station at 4-6 Sheperdess Walk, Shoreditch, N1 7LF, Or visit the Stoke Newington Police Station at 33 Stoke Newington High Street, Stoke Newington,  N16  8DS, For an emergency always dial 999 or text 18000. Hackney has a huge night-life economy that supports its daytime economy. Hackney has been upgrading its public housing projects — or council housing estates, as the British call them. They have said that throughout lockdown, they have seen an obscene amount of littering, public urination and defecation and disturbance to local people. However, with a total of 33,381 crimes taking place in the area, Hackney is also London’s tenth most dangerous borough. We will also bring you updates from our courts and councils, as well as more lighthearted long reads. While it’s important to note that this is the most reported crime in Hackney, it’s also the most reported crime within similar areas in London. But just like any other borough in London, it experiences crime from time to time. 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Compared with similar areas, police.uk considers Hackney’s crime rates to be average. Hackney is the seventh most dangerous place to live in London, (Image: Darren Quinton/Coventry Telegraph), When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Theft and handling is, by far, the most reported crime in Hackney, with a total of 9,680 incidents reported from 2015 to 2016. The latest breaking news will be brought straight to your news feed including updates from the police, ambulance and fire brigade. As part of our Active by Design campaign we spoke to Hackney councillor Vincent Stops about how Hackney has been transformed into one of London’s most active boroughs.. The chart shows all recorded crimes during the year ending September 2015. Likewise, violence against the person is Hackney’s second most-reported crime, comprising 31% of the borough’s total crime. I lived in Hackney for 3 years whilst studying at university and had absolutely no problems living there. Alcohol could be banned from a London park after weeks of littering and defecation. - If you wish to link to this page, you can do so by referring to the URL address below this line. Police recorded 33,886 in Hackney over the past year, The most frequently reported offences in Hackney Wick were violent, Police recorded 1,952 offences in London fields over a year, The homes £200,000 will get you in every London borough, 9 top tips from a Hackney mum who raises her kids plastic free, The top 19 restaurants for vegan food in London, EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy is 'taking an extended break' from her role as Sonia Fowler, The TV star is reportedly taking a long break from her EastEnders role and won't be returning until the spring, EastEnders star Patsy Palmer looks worlds apart from Bianca Jackson in latest stunning photo, The TV star looked beautiful as she posed beside her cute dog, The 5 London areas that risk the whole capital going into 'Tier 5', Will London go into Tier 5? Croydon is a South London borough located just over nine miles from Charing Cross. London's air ambulance was also called to Clarence Mews in Lower Clapton, about half a mile from both Hackney Downs and Hackney Central stations. Arden Estate in Hackney is in the London region of England. Violent cases were the most frequently reported, with 809 incidents in the area in one year, followed by 770 cases of theft and handling. Hackney is considered to be in the ‘normal’ range within this group when it comes to burglary, drugs, possession of weapons, public order, vehicle crime, violence and sexual offences, and other crime. The area lies 4.2 miles (6.8 km) northeast of Charing Cross New regulations will come into effect on January 1st that will block UK residents' access to Amazon Prime Video when travelling abroad. There were also 42 sexual offences and 58 drugs-related offences in the area. About halfway across the marsh, the boys stumbled upon a strange set of tracks they couldn’t identify. While it’s important to note that this is the most reported crime in Hackney, it’s also the most reported crime within similar areas in London. Police reported 1,011 cases of violence, 396 burglaries, and 242 robberies. There were also high numbers of drug and sexual offences, with 175 and 81 incidents, respectively. At night time. I'm from Hackney London, and It really isn't that bad. The graph below shows the number of reported crimes from 2015 to 2016 in Hackney. We promote responsible dog ownership, alongside the police, the RSPCA, the Dogs Trust, Hackney Homes and others. This page combines information for the address Arden Estate, Hackney, London, N1 6PN, and the neighbourhood in which it resides. The postcode is within the Hoxton East & Shoreditch ward/electoral division, which is in the constituency of Hackney South and Shoreditch. We will provide you with the latest traffic and travel updates, including updates on train and London Underground services, in areas including Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Barking, Dagenham, Stratford and the Docklands. While the crime rate in Hackney has been dropping over the past few years, since January 2012, the total crime rate has not changed substantially and remains in a very slow decline. There were also 98 drugs offences and 122 robberies. You can unsubscribe at any time. Hackney is also home to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Hoxton and Petticoat Lane markets and the famous Hackney Empire theatre. As Hackney has a higher-than-average rate for robbery and theft from the person, we’ve highlighted the best tips below, cited from police.uk, to keep you, your family and your home safe. Incidents of violence were the second highest, with 543 recorded, followed by 217 incidents of burglary. London isn't safe anywhere! explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. I was told Hackney is one of the most dangerous areas here in London but my sister which have been living in Hackney for 9 years until now told me it is quite ok. She told me she was even often going to her house at night and nobody ever attacked her here... now I live with her. A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: 'We were called at 9.37am today (11 December) to reports of a road traffic collision involving a car and pedestrians on Stamford Hill, N16. Of the 1,900 incidents reported in Hoxton West, 900 were cases of theft handling. Sure there is crime here like anywhere else, but compared to Toronto, NYC or literally ANY North American City, we're doing WAY better. The night before had been cold, and there was still snow on the ground. London Fields Brewery, 365 - 366 Warburton street (Come out of London Fields station in Hackney, on the Mare Street side and turn right for 200m its at the end of the road. Theft and handling, being the most reported crime in Hackney, makes up 39% of the total crime reported. That said, New York might learn a thing or two from the East London borough of Hackney.